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PIRT impact:
programmes and projects

Jurisdictional approach to tuna management

PIRT Member organisations

Conservation International (CI)

Other partner organisations

Government of Fiji
Government of New Caledonia
Fiji Fishing Industry Association

Countries of implementation

Fiji, New Caledonia


Creation of place-based initiatives at relevant political and ecological scales that integrate market-based approaches and ecosystem-based governance to improve the sustainability of tuna fisheries. This work aims to partner with government ministries and the fishing industry to improve economic, environmental and social performance of domestic fishing sectors.

Framework Action Tracks

02 – Behaviour change for nature conservation through heritage and cultural expressions, 05 – Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to sustain our social-ecological systems, 13 – Ending unsustainable fishing

GBF 2030 Targets

More information (external link)

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