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PIRT impact:
programmes and projects

Pacific Framework for Action on Scaling up Community-based Fisheries Management 2021-2025

PIRT Member organisations

Pacific Community (SPC)

Other partner organisations

European Union, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Countries of implementation



The Framework for Action was approved by members at HoF13 and endorsed at the 2nd RFMM, held in August 2021. In endorsing the framework, honourable ministers stressed the importance of sustainable coastal fisheries management for the Pacific region, essential during the pandemic, and the need to scale up CBFM using approaches appropriate to each member’s context as key to the sustainable recovery from the pandemic. The effective implementation of the Framework for Action and support and empowerment of our coastal communities will contribute to achieving our leaders’ ambitions on the future of our fisheries.

Framework Action Tracks

01 – Our people at the centre of conservation action, 02 – Behaviour change for nature conservation through heritage and cultural expressions, 03 – Sustainable and resilient ocean economies, 05 – Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to sustain our social-ecological systems, 07 – Effective marine protected areas, 08 – Marine ecological integrity, 13 – Ending unsustainable fishing

GBF 2030 Targets

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